Event Shelters

Hotels and pubs often host events throughout the year where larger numbers of guests need to be accommodated. These could be corporate events, private events or a wedding event. All these bookings are often the premium profit events for the hotel and need to be treated accordingly. However, giving over large areas of the main hotel to these functions can cause disruption even when planned.

However if a summer event wants to take advantage of the hotel grounds and then it rains, this is where an outdoor event shelter or function area can be particularly beneficial.

The regular hire of the usual marquees can prove expensive, increasing your price to the customer and squeezing your own returns. It also makes your own customer service dependant on that of another company. A permanent events shelter can ensure that these factors are always under your own control. It will enable a faster more confident response to bookings and provide an opportunity for you to offer customers more competitive pricing whilst still increasing your own margins.

Choosing the right shelter can provide you with an opportunity to have a permanent function facility within your grounds. This can be a practical facility where guests can enjoy outdoor meals protected from the sun and then the events shelter can still be personalised and dressed to match each function.

Cabinco Structures offer a range of outdoor shelters which are all designed for commercial use and can be used by the leisure industry for outdoor bars/serving areas/party rooms/music events/functions.

There are also a range of accessories available to suit the events shelters and make them more weatherproof either permanently or as a temporary feature.

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