Timber Classrooms are an ideal way to create a stand alone classroom block for your school. The buildings can be anything from a single 60 square metre room or a large 10 classroom block to create an entire department facility. All are individually designed to ensure that you have a building suited to your requirements and not just a 'best fit'.

Making your new classroom block work for your School

All Cabinco Structures buildings are individually designed because we believe that buildings should not be a 'one size suits all' option as that can result in inefficient use of space. Our clients dictate the layout that they require: the size of the classrooms, the need for storage and office space or small 'break out' rooms for support. We want to make sure that your new space fulfils the exact needs of your school. Funding is just too precious for anything else.

All our buildings have a low energy heating and lighting package as standard. However, we can also install solar panels or other green energy options to assist with reduced costs or even extra income for the school.

This is all arranged under one contract and on a 'turnkey' basis to ensure simplicity of admin and full management of the project. Thereby enabling you to get on with the main business of running your school with minimum disruption.

Key Advantages

  • Individual Design
  • High Sustainable Specification
  • Plenty of Windows – natural light
  • Low Maintenance
  • Rapid Construction
  • Long Lifespan
  • Cost effective

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